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From an electric eye that helps the blind see to telescopes tracking potential habitable planets, here are 10 of the top tech inventions paving the way for 2010.

10. 3M/Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 With Zargis Cardioscan


The stethoscope hasn’t undergone many significant breakthroughs until now. 3M’s new stethoscope listens to a patient’s heartbeat, captures the sound for later playback, lets you transmit sounds real-time to your PC, which can then be further analyzed, attached to medical records, or reviewed online with colleagues.
The sound-amplifying 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope 3200 will not only be able to catch dangerous murmurs and heart defects but will also eliminate more than eight million unnecessary echocardiograms and cardiologist visits a year, saving some $9.4 billion.

9. Android Phone


The Android has proven itself a force to be reckoned with, offering a legitimate alternative to the all-mighty iPhone. If you haven’t heard, Android is a Google-backed operating system for cell phones. The code is free, open-source and easy to alter. Users can create their own interfaces and control many kinds of hardware, plus it has over 10,000 Android apps.

8. The Smart Thermostat


Called one of Time Magazine’s “best new gadgets” and “breakthrough ideas of the year”, the EnergyHub Dashboard is a device that lets you know exactly how much electricity (or gas) you’re using in your home and how much it’s costing you. It also turns appliances on or off and raises or lowers temperatures within your house depending on use. EnergyHub will be available direct to consumers in early 2010.

7. Robotic Exoskeleton

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Still in its developing stages, powered exoskeletons are very clunky body suits designed to provide mobility assistance for aged and infirm people, giving them 10 times their normal strength. Similar to an Ironman suit, the military has also been working on their own version in order to assist and protect soldiers. Other possibilities for the exoskeleton include rescue work, such as in collapsed buildings. The device would allow a rescue worker to lift heavy debris, while simultaneously protecting the individual from falling rubble.

6. Microsoft Project Natal

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Microsoft’s prototype system dubbed Project Natal is giving a whole new meaning to gaming: gaming with no controller at all. Your movements and voice control the game. The hardware component of the Natal system includes a color video camera, an infrared emitter and sensor that give it depth perception, a mic that figures out where you are, and a microprocessor to crunch all that data. The software component digests data in real time from 48 points on the body, plus audio input and delivers perfectly smooth game control.

5. XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System (i.e. The Smart Bullet)


The XM25, currently under development for the U.S. military by Alliant Tech systems, allows soldiers to measure the distance to a target using a laser range finder, dials in exactly where the bullet should explode (over or past walls, the corner of buildings) at precise distances. At a cost of $30/round, the bullets are equipped with microchips capable of registering distance according to the number of times they’ve rotated.

4. Teleportation

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Okay, so we won’t be seeing teleporting machines on the market for a while, but scientists at the University of Maryland’s Joint Quantum Institute successfully teleported data from one atom to another in a container a meter away. Atom-to-atom teleportation has major implications for creating super-secure, ultra-fast computers. Maybe one day, humans as well.

3. NASA Kepler Space Telescope

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To boldly go where no man has gone before- but could potentially- NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope launched in March is tasked with searching habitable Earth-like planets in distant star systems. Using a photometer that’s more than three feet in diameter, Kepler is now continuously observing some 100,000 stars located between 600 and 3,000 light-years away. Scientists hope that Kepler could find dozens of habitable planets during its three-to-four-year mission.

2. The Electric Eye


MIT researchers are developing a microchip that will enable a blind person to recognize faces and navigate a room without assistance, helping the blind to regain partial eyesight. The chip, which is encased in titanium to prevent water damage, will be implanted onto a patient’s eyeball. Users are required to wear special glasses fitted with a small camera that transmits images to the titanium-encased chip, which fires an electrode array under the retina that stimulates the optic nerve. The glasses will help to power the coils surrounding the eyeball.

1. Sixth Sense

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SixthSense is a wearable gestural interface that bridges the gap between intangible digital information and the tangible world. Using natural hand gestures to interact with information SixthSense is comprised of a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera which allows you to interact with objects in a way never before possible. You can take a picture simply by framing scenery with your hands or even hold up an object at a store and find out all relevant information about it. SixthSense essentially makes the entire world your computer.

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Posted by rock at 10:30 pm at 21. January 2010

Fucking awesome!

Posted by Md. Abu Sadek at 2:46 am at 22. January 2010

Teleportaion must be the interesting one.I also keep a look at kepler telescope,because i am so mich interested on topics of space.

Posted by Chris the dunwoody electrician at 6:05 pm at 22. January 2010

I am excited about the idea of teleportation myself. Growing up and watching Star Trek reruns the idea of teleportation seemed like a fantasy.
Who knows… maybe it will be a realty in my childrens lifetime

Posted by Rona at 10:59 pm at 22. January 2010

Wow, technology is developing so fast! By the way, I have discovered a website that provide the advanced tech products:

Posted by Business Gas at 9:04 am at 25. January 2010

I can’t wait to see this stuff hit the market, but I wonder if any of it will actually make it or if it’s just another anti climax.

Posted by Rajesh at 6:35 am at 24. February 2010

wait……………… my inventions will come soon…………………….. just wait and watch

Posted by cherry at 7:43 am at 24. February 2010

try to check this one…lots of google phone are already in the market now.
and they sell it with a very low low price with a plan..

Posted by manoj surya at 12:11 pm at 1. March 2010

i think i can place one soon

Posted by sushma at 10:55 pm at 23. March 2010

its really superb our country is rapidly developing in technology i think we take the page in world history

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Posted by little indian gnani,shammi at 6:25 am at 7. April 2010

good,invention is a ocean its never ends till final destination of human

Posted by little indian gnani,shammi at 6:28 am at 7. April 2010

its OK, congrats for inventors,invention is not a business,its service for mankind in the world.

Posted by godwin tsikudo at 12:32 pm at 11. April 2010

i am a boy of 16 and i think i have great ideas on inventig a new electro detector.write to me when intested.

Posted by sherly at 7:41 pm at 13. April 2010

i want to use thixth sence to pass allmy test and stuff or to pass online drivers ed

Posted by Bosko at 8:36 am at 17. April 2010

Evolution. Its a beutiful thing. Their is only one thing thing wrong on this site. The so called smart bullit. Whats so smart about it. We should be looking after the less fortunate people in this GREAT PLANET we live in. Love & Peace to Everyone around the WORLD.

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i am an BTECH student,i like sixth sense technology.will u give the full details,so that i can take a seminar on this topic.

Posted by brip at 6:10 pm at 2. June 2010

dis stuff is dope! the teleporter and project natal is launching this generation into the future!

Posted by kenneth at 12:47 pm at 6. June 2010

the human race are going to see more with these things then they know “you can’t stop a human from inventing”

Posted by Mike at 1:43 pm at 8. June 2010

Where is the fix for the Oil in the gulf , I Guess no one has it here

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very good

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Really very informative.

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its a cool thing to know that our world is imprving so fast i think we are turning a new page in the history of world

Posted by mihai at 6:51 am at 12. July 2010

im really excited about the sixth sense!

Posted by deepika at 9:07 pm at 14. July 2010

its just awesome. I honestly like the one that MIT is going on with. it is for the blind and how drastic it would be for science to do that, blind could see with a microchip! i think its just unbelievable. the Nurse robot is too techno. its just how you could imagine the techno world to be. I wish to see these devices and machines in real.

Posted by Rebecca Mangabang at 12:51 am at 17. July 2010

soon i will also blog my latest invention!!hhehehe

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i would like to know more about ELECTRONIC EYE

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its amazing especically the wearble gestural interface

Posted by sujitha at 2:05 am at 7. August 2010

is good i think futute is going to be magical
and i hope for greater inventions that make life of all simple

Posted by Edmond Herrera at 8:47 am at 11. August 2010

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I’m still a 1st Year High School Student in The Philippnes
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Posted by rose at 6:39 am at 5. October 2010

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i really like the electric eye that helps many blind people to live a live.

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I realy like the electric eye help to blind man

Posted by WackEm at 5:20 am at 8. January 2011 i’ll post my latest invention here..a time machine and invisible umbrella..coooolllllll!!!!!

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Posted by KaylaNAngie at 10:19 am at 6. December 2011

This article is quite interesting but I must say, I do not necessarily believe that all of these points are valid. I mean, who has heard of any of this crap before. The government just wants to screw with our delicate minds for the fun of it.

Posted by umair at 9:28 am at 8. December 2011

i love the inventions and these are fabulous i am the student of electrical engieenring me also want to make such inventions

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Cool, although looking for alternative sources of information and also for idevidegual inventions such as ZEAL Recon goggles and/or the “Monowheel”. But, it’s still cool stuff!

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Awesome information! Really amazed at how technology is creatively advancing. I can recall my high school project six years ago that instructed us to develop a techno-world we wish to come to past, and I now stand in awe to see some of our pre-thoughts actually rationalized in today’s world. I never would have imagined such!

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