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For a large number of SMBs, January can be painfully slow. And given 2012’s lackluster performance, the last thing most SMBs need right now is another bad month.

To make matters worse, too many organizations get stuck in a doomed holding pattern of constantly putting out fires, and scrambling to keep up with the competition. We all know that this isn’t the optimal way to run a business, so why not finally break this cycle and build a strong foundation that will help your organization better compete—not just in 2013, but for years to come?

Here are 6 resolutions that can make a huge difference on your bottom line.

1. Optimize for mobility

Web traffic from smartphones grew by 103% in 2012. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re alienating a large market that will only get bigger, and closing the door to many potential sales.

2. Rethink your concept of the workplace

Who of us remembers the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 workweek (with one hour for lunch)? Or the workless vacation, for that matter? Cloud-based email and collaboration solutions take the workplace wherever employees happen to be. This benefits not only employees, but employers too: Studies show that employees with the option to telework demonstrate significantly higher productivity and company loyalty.

3. Change your passwords regularly

Protecting your organization’s data against cyber threats is an on-going process. Pick strong passwords with a mix of symbols, numbers and letters, and change them regularly. Make your password policy part of your security plan, and enforce it across the organization.

4. Take your data backups online

Unless you’ve got a rock-solid system in place for storing and protecting data, you should consider online backups. This article discusses how online solutions can make data backups easy and affordable while safeguarding your data with the same military-grade protection financial institutions rely on.

5. Think SEO

Keeping up with ever-changing search engines algorithms can be a challenge, but search engine optimization (SEO) will translate into more web traffic and more sales. Start by staying abreast of best practices. Analyze your keywords (and those of your competitors) and use the best ones. Also use relevant page titles, add quality content regularly to your site (including multimedia like videos and images) and build quality backlinks. And don’t forget to optimize your social media efforts. Which leads us to:

6. Nail down that social media strategy

Anything worth doing (i.e. social media) is worth doing right (i.e. with a clear plan). Scrambling to get your name on every social network there is without a well thought-out strategy—and the ability to adequately implement that strategy—will only monopolize resources with minimal impact. Start by identifying the results you hope to gain from being present on social media. Then research your industry as well as your existing and potential customers. On which networks are they most active? How do they use these networks as it pertains to your business? Look at the pros & cons of being on the big sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, as well as the new popular sites like Pinterest and Instagram. You may need to develop individual strategies for different sites. This will mean more resources of course, but it could also mean optimal outcomes.

Can you add resolution #7? Do so in the comments below.

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