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And the Crowd Goes Wild!

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Windows Phones this past Monday at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress show, unleashing what Engadget claims is potentially the greatest phone operating system: the Windows Phone 7 series. Based on the Windows CE 6 kernel, it is said to be the most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone. With finger-based touchscreen input and deep social networking integration, you get live friend updates from social media sites like Facebook and Windows Live, you can post your status once and update all, plus it has expansive Zune and Xbox components. With a focus on being more consumer-oriented than its predecessor Windows mobile, the Windows Phone 7 is exactly what a Microsoft phone should be.

Watch this promotional video with Windows Phone 7 series features:

YouTube Preview Image

Bing Maps and Bing Search are built into the phone, with Bing search as the default search engine. As one may have guessed, the Windows Phone 7’s hardware is NOT compatible with Macs. Silly considering they are trying to appeal to a younger demographic who have been flocking to Macs like teenage girls to Twilight.

Hubba-Hubba Hubs

People hub

people hub

Your most recent contacts or the ones most heavily contacted are displayed in your main view. Contacts from Gmail, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live and others are aggregated with contact information, status updates, and contact images also into a single view.

Pictures hub

pic hub

Photos from your phone, PC and web are all organized in one place. Connected picture galleries such as cloud-based Facebook and Windows Live give you live feeds of your contacts’ recently updated images.

Games hub

games hub

Integrates with Xbox LIVE, includes miniature version of your avatar (in 3D), Xbox LIVE games and achievements. Also includes spotlight feeds, and the ability to browse gamer profiles.

Music + Video hub

Essentially a Zune HD in your phone, you can browse and download new music over WiFi and 3G. Microsoft is working with partners like Pandora to integrate with the hub, utilizing the Zune player to tap into Pandora’s streaming service.

Office hub

office hub

Emphasis on OneNote and SharePoint Workspace. Compatible with exchange hosting and Office and the buzz is that it will be highly appealing to corporates.

Marketplace (MIX10)

Here’s where you will be able to buy your apps. However, with the release date for the phone only expected Christmas 2010, app development will have to really standout to deem itself more attractive than its competitors.


Things are looking promising for Microsoft.


Posted by Tassimo Brewbot at 4:49 am at 5. January 2011

Still not as good as apple though.

Posted by Tassimo Brewbot at 5:45 am at 6. February 2011

The device looks good but I agree with that above me that the Apple device is better…

Posted by Jo - Reverse Phone Search at 5:35 am at 26. April 2011

It will give Apple a real go for their money.Microsoft has already sold more than 350 million Windows Phone 7 licenses.That gives you a clear idea about the popularity.

Posted by Simo at 12:27 am at 19. September 2012

You’re welcome :) I’m not such a fan of Linux on the deotksp yet, either, but that could quickly change if more and more people start adopting it and ironing out the difficulties.Yes the keyboard is important, but so is the mouse and having the screen a bit higher than the keyboard (so that you don’t end up arching forward as one would tend do with a laptop). But yes a docking station could work if done properly. It would be kind of like taking the screen part of your monitor off with you and leaving the monitor base, keyboard and mouse on your desk.I’m still not completely convinced though. You can’t have a big screen (because otherwise carrying it around with you is unpractical — until they manage to create a flexible screen you could roll or fold) and you’re limited in the one thing PCs have benefited from: upgradeability.

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