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The average American spends over 4 hours of their day glued to the tube and while TV consumption is at an all time high, according to a recent Forrester survey it seems Americans are spending just as much time on the Internet. With the advents in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter spawning online business collaboration tools like SharePoint hosting, it may not come as much of a surprise that social networking has become a favourite online pastime in the United States. But other American browsing habits just might.  The following infographic is a compilation of data collected from Nielsen, Alexa, and other websites that provide reliable Internet usage information, to a paint a picture of how and where Americans spend their time online.

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Posted by Ray at 2:01 am at 10. June 2011

You don’t need much more information or proof that Social Media is running our lives. Why are some businesses not partaking?

Posted by Rip 60 Review at 9:37 am at 14. June 2011

Wow, I would have thought that google carried more weight. Either way, these numbers are no big surprise. Social networking is the thing to do now, and I doubt it is going anywhere. It is just going to become more main stream and easier for people to access, it’s here to stay people.

Posted by Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine at 8:48 am at 9. July 2011

It amazes me how social networking can dominate someones life like it does. I know people I work with literally spend all day checking theirs and others facebook updates. It seems so unecessary. I wonder how much productivity has been lost in the workplace since online social networking?

Posted by Internetiturundus at 11:28 am at 9. August 2011

Thank you, great report. It is always useful to see where money flows in the internet.

Posted by designer prom dresses at 3:42 am at 14. August 2011

As always, most of the people not just Americans spend much of their time to social networking sites like facebook, or visit some entertaining sites where they would see their favorite videos. Some would love to see the latest phones in amazon and other related sites as well as view the modern designer prom gowns collection.

Posted by innowaytor at 1:21 pm at 28. September 2011

Excellent. Infographics are great!

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