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At the end of 2010, the cable industry saw a record-breaking 711,000 subscribers give up cable television. Just in the last quarter, from April-June, eight of the nine largest subscription-TV providers in the U.S. lost another 195,700 subscribers. As the economy plummets (again) and unemployment rises (again), cheaper entertainment options are in high demand.

In the past, the high cost and limited capabilities of computer hardware made web streaming a real challenge. However, in the late 90′s to early 2000′s- technology advancements traveled to ludicrous speed and the rising popularity of the Internet resulted in home computers having greater network bandwidth and Internet users getting access to a much broader range of networks than ever before. Thanks to these advancements we’ve entered a new dimension of entertainment where regular netizens can upload and share their own videos and watch their favourite TV shows and movies for free, or close to free.

Here is a look at how far web streaming has come over time.

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Posted by caska at 8:11 am at 18. August 2011

Living in Australia I wouldn’t have much of a clue about Netflix and Hulu, but are the years in the Netflix vs Hulu bit right? Or conversely the years of their creation?

Posted by Internetiturundus at 4:13 am at 19. August 2011

This is great post. Good infographics, which means all is going to be more interactive with a user.

Posted by Trackbacks at 7:43 am at 25. April 2014

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