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At SherWeb, we pride ourselves on having a top of the line customer service. Be it through 24/7 phone and email support, numerous FAQs, or live chat sessions with our sales staff, we aim at providing the best customer support in our industry.

Nonetheless, there are a few things you, as a user, can do before emailing or calling SherWeb’s support line that will significantly cut down your call time and probably lower your stress level. This blog post is written in the hopes to make your customer service experience enjoyable and stress-free.

1.   Make sure we can help

Make sure your problem is relevant to our business: we handle Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007, Microsoft SharePoint, mobile and BlackBerry synchronization, web hosting, and CRM-related issues. If you are having problems with Microsoft Word, we can’t help you!

2.   Consult online help

Consult online tools made available to you. Chances are we have resolved a similar issue before. Visit our support site and see if your issue can be resolved with one of our FAQs.

Can’t connect? We may be performing a scheduled maintenance that is affecting your connectivity. Check our network status page for information on scheduled and unscheduled maintenances on our servers or any other temporary issue.

3.   Help us help you

Explain your issue in detail when sending a support request. You would be surprised how many times we hear: “Hi this is Dave, I’ve got a problem with my mail, please call me back as soon as possible. It’s an emergency!”

Well, guess what? With the number of customers named Dave, it is really hard to figure out which Dave you are! Please include your full name, domain, email address, phone number, and a detailed description of your issue. Doing so will ensure that when we return your call your issue will most likely be resolved and if not, we will know precisely which questions to ask.

4.   Be helpful

Last, but not least, please be kind to our support staff. SherWeb’s techs are well trained, professional, and always ready to help you. We understand that your issue may be affecting your business and causing you to be stressed out, but remaining calm and patient will help us better understand your issue and resolve it faster.

by Yves Landry. A senior level 2 technician at SherWeb, Yves is also in charge of training new techs and updating the support site. He has been with the company since January 2008.


Posted by Chris at 11:33 am at 4. August 2009

I love these tips, it really helps us to 1 – establish the Best service in the business
2 – establish a relationship with our clients 3 – helps us improve and clarify our products to make them VERY user friendly and 4 – lets us focus on moviing forward in the technology industry so our clients will have the BEST product out there.

As for our clients, the support page is really the first step in solving alot of issues that may pop up.

Keep up the good work Yves and I tip my hat to our Support team as well.

Posted by Sameer at 1:48 am at 17. September 2012

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