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Go back 25 years from now and think about your daily morning routine back then.

Your enormous, Chronomatic-244 Digital alarm clock woke you up every morning at 6. Your hand fumbled on it in search of the Snooze button (but with its fourteen buttons, it was easy to hit the wrong one!). You got up, had to prepare coffee – if you were a little proactive, you would have prepared everything before going to bed the night before, just saying! –, and then painfully rambled around the cold house to the bathroom for a shower.

You would have read your newspaper while eating breakfast, but not on your tablet! Remember when newspapers were… well, made of paper! There was also a fair chance that breaking news had happened since it had been printed during the night.

Let’s just say things were different.

And guess what? 5 to 10 years from now, your actual routine will also be a thing of the past. Big time! With the influx of new technology coming our ways, one’s routine is going to be disrupted soon, and mornings will never be the same! Afternoons and evenings won’t resist the change, by the way.

It’s 6 AM, March 14, 2023. Your watch buzzes and sends electric wave through your body. Time to wake up! Let’s face it, the beeping sound is inefficient. A few volts will do a better job of switching your brain on.

First thing you’ll do in the morning is check your sleep & health report, once again given to you by your watch. Blood pressure, cholesterol or even worse… the flu! You’ll know hands-on what is the situation of your body for that given day.

That watch will do even more. It will tell the coffee machine to start brewing before waking you up. When you’ll get to the kitchen – yes, already heated too – to get your coffee, your refrigerator will notify you that you were running low on milk, vegetables and bacon.

No worry, you were running low, but he took care of it. The order is already gone, the payment is done, you’ll just have to go pick it up at the grocery store later that day.

While eating your eggs and ham (remember, no more bacon!), you’ll read the news on the wall or on the table. It doesn’t really matter: almost everything will be able to act as a screen. You’ll navigate the web with voice command and say your tweet out loud.

Before heading out to work, you’ll put your glasses on (yes, the Google one!) and get into your self-driving car (probably from Google too). The morning commute becomes discussions with holograms of your colleagues while your car gets you seamlessly to work.

But what does all of this imply? A really stable and reliable Internet network, for sure. We’re already wired 24/7 since the advent of smartphones, but this reality is going to spread to every single one of us. Phones, tablets and computers as we know them now will be put aside by the computerization of things (Internet of Things is a really trendy term right now). Wearable computing, like Google Glass and the iWatch will become the standard.

What does the Internet of Things speaks to you? How do you see our future with the constant evolution of technology?

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