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One thing is certain about choosing Hosted Exchange: it provides your business with a simple, cost effective, reliable and safe solution. But before one can be fully transferred to our Exchange platform, a series of steps need to be performed: account setup, Outlook configuration, data transfer (to the new profile), and domain name registration change. We know; it seems like a lot. But what if SherWeb could simplify this process? What if SherWeb walked you through these steps and offered to take care of most of the tasks at hand?

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For three consecutive years we’ve scouted out new and exciting technology being used to help make our world and lives better. Some of the technologies we focused on were for our well-being, such as virtual therapy and electronic stethoscope. Others were transport specific, such as the Straddling bus and Martin Jetpack, and of course various inventions were for plain amusement like the glasses-free 3D television and Google TV.

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