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The field of biotechnology is constantly advancing. From finding ways to slow down the process of food spoilage, advancements in genetic engineering, to adapting organisms to clean up contaminated environments, new applications and biotechnological inventions are continuously being developed to help improve our world. Here are five breakthrough biotechnological innovations currently underway.
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PC Magazine just published an article on the essentials of an  At-Home IT Toolkit, which I found very helpful and interesting. They listed 17 of the most popular computer tools IT experts use or should use to help save them time and money when it comes to any computer-related issues. Here are my top 8 picks from the list.
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If you ever gave SherWeb a call, you might have been surprised to be first greeted in French.

As you may know, we are rooted in one of the most beautiful and only truly bilingual cities in North America: Montréal. Each and every member of our team speaks both English and French, and they will be more than happy to answer you in any of the two languages. So, if you call us and hear “bienvenue!”, remember that it does not only convey our pleasure to serve you, but also our proud origins.
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One season of CSI is all it takes to make anyone think twice about committing a crime. Experts in the various forensic sciences are highly skilled at gathering everything from teeth to fingerprints, bullet trajectories to DNA, and are proficient at comprehensively presenting them as evidence to a judge. It’s practically impossible to commit a crime without leaving some sort of physical trace. Enter computers and the virtual private server. Thanks to the ever-evolving field of computer forensics, investigators are able to catch criminals based on their digital traces. Computer forensics is the science of collecting, analyzing and preserving information found in a computer, to be employed as evidence in a court of law. It protects society from internet fraud, industrial espionage, identity theft, child pornography, unauthorized disclosure of corporate information, and even mass murder. The following are six facts about computer forensics that anyone with computer access should be familiar with. Read more »

Long time ago, before you could call for delivery, was Caveguy – let’s call him that! So Caveguy was standing next to a tree (not “standing” for long as a matter of fact!) while shivering briefly as the cool breeze that heralds winter made its way through his furry breeches. He was waiting patiently for lightning to strike wondering how long he would have to keep eating raw brontosaurus, for stone’s sake!
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