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On April 7th, SherWeb’s Matthew Cassar and Pierre-Olivier Descoteaux will explain all there is to know about cloud computing, showing its numerous benefits. The conference, which will be held at the Hotel Le Président in Sherbrooke, Québec, will be followed by a testimony from the firm Pro-Gestion, one of SherWeb’s collaborators.
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In the spirit of the 2010 Vancouver Paralympic games taking place this March, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the astounding tech advancements that are enabling parathletes to compete and perform at their optimum. Paralymics bring together athletes from around the world, not only showcasing their talent but also the best in sports technology.
The Paralympics began just a little after World War II, owing its existence to an English doctor named Sir Ludwig Guttman, who advocated the use of sports as therapy for those wounded and injured in the war. For decades, only wheelchair athletes were invited to compete. It wouldn’t be until 1976, the year of the Montreal Olympics, that the Paralympics would begin to include athletes from other disability groups as well. Read more »

And the Crowd Goes Wild!

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Windows Phones this past Monday at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress show, unleashing what Engadget claims is potentially the greatest phone operating system: the Windows Phone 7 series. Based on the Windows CE 6 kernel, it is said to be the most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone. With finger-based touchscreen input and deep social networking integration, you get live friend updates from social media sites like Facebook and Windows Live, you can post your status once and update all, plus it has expansive Zune and Xbox components. With a focus on being more consumer-oriented than its predecessor Windows mobile, the Windows Phone 7 is exactly what a Microsoft phone should be.
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Because so many new technologies involve the handling of our most personal information, online privacy has never been in more jeopardy.  China may be making headlines with its highly controversial internet censorship laws and taut surveillance systems, but similar issues seem to be arising at all ends of the globe and the fight between security and privacy is on.

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