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Nowadays, information is plentiful and the Internet allows consumers to extend their reach internationally. In addition to expressing themselves through blogs, videocasts, webcasts, podcasts, and online communities like Facebook, consumers can communicate and provide feedback in real-time. This also applies to brands who now have very efficient technology at their disposal to appeal to consumers, improve and maintain their image, and adapt it when necessary. In fact, as Cédric Deniaud, Internet consultant, states: “A brand that targets youth must integrate youth’s communication, analytic and sharing tools in order to remain on the same page as them.” This brings an interesting debate on giving up privacy to have easier-to-use websites. Read more »

Sir Francis Bacon said it best when he uttered the words “knowledge is power”. One of the best methods to increase your wisdom is reading. Whether it is a magazine, book, newspaper or blog everyone has the ability to learn new things by taking the time to read. With the release of Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s improved Kindle Reader there has been a lot of discussion about society’s preference when it comes to reading material. Does purchasing the iPad make more sense than one of the top e-Readers? Or is it better to modify your netbook to read e-books? Perhaps, sticking to old fashioned paper is the best option? Read more »

Since its official announcement, the iPad has just about everyone wondering what the hell Apple was thinking releasing a product that shares the same name as a feminine hygiene product, parodied over four years ago by MadTV.

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After 16 years on this planet, the government feels that with a little training we have all the skills needed to drive a car.  Seems fair, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to turn a steering wheel, or how to tell which pedal is for gas and which one is for braking.  The roads have already been laid out for us with painted lines, color coded lights and signs with pictures on them, all we need to do is stay in between the aforementioned lines, and try not to put our cars into the back seats of other cars.  For several decades now, a driver’s only technological distraction was the radio.  Getting from point A to point B has never been easier, in theory.

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Though hackers are often shunned for being the instigators of criminal computing offenses, hacking actually began as a way of tinkering with technology and finding better ways to use it. Once upon a time, only a select few knew the secrets of software, but now your average 14 year old may be more adept at cracking codes than the CEO of multi-billion dollar company. Let’s step inside the mind of a hacker, shall we?

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