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People have been wondering about the universe since we became aware of the big black hanging above our heads. We did the best we could through speculation and rudimentary tools. But the thing that has taught us the most is the Hubble telescope. And, as hosted exchange can boost your employees performance and productivity, with its clear view, unobstructed by ozone and wide field cameras, the pictures and data the Hubble has given us has help us unlock the mysteries of the Universe. It has also let us find some mindbogglingly awesome stellar phenomena. Here’s just a peek at 10 of the coolest things the Hubble has shown us. Read more »

2010: The number itself has a very sci-fi texture to it. As we approach the beginning of a new decade we can’t help but look back. Less than sixty years ago book authors, filmmakers, cartoonists, economists and scientists were all predicting some pretty incredible things for the human race at the outset of the 21st century. Some were slightly off in predicting that we’d already be flying around  the galaxy in spaceships, while others were as accurate as imagining a world under surveillance in which every household worshiped the images projected from giant television screens. The following is a look at some of these mid-20th century predictions, and how they measure up to the realities of today. Read more »

There was a time when computers were so huge that you could fit several goats inside them and still have room for 17,468 vacuum tubes and 7,200 crystal diodes.  Those were indeed the days.  But as the decades past and technology became smaller and smaller the opposite has been taking place.  People are fitting computers inside the goats!  Okay well maybe not inside goats exactly, but there seems to be a new trend towards placing computers inside various members of the animal kingdom. Read more »

In the past few months computer users have been presented with not one, not two, not even three, but four potential operating systems from which to choose. Microsoft, Apple, Ubuntu and Google have all thrown down in an OS showdown, trying to win your money and market share. They’re new, shiny and each OS purports to be the solution to all of your problems. So which one’s right for you? Read more »