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I remember making fun of a friend of mine because he insisted on using Linux to run his desktop computer. It was 2003 and all I knew about the Linux operating system was that it seemed overly complicated, ugly and archaic compared to the familiar interface of my Windows XP. And that its mascot was a penguin. Now every time I open my browser I’m bombarded with mention of Linux—it’s everywhere. Which begs the questions: Why now? Why Linux? Read more »

In this economy everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. With the help of the Internet you can launch your music career with MySpace, get your literary masterpiece published by Lulu or network through Skype with buyers when running your own small business. Like hosted CRM helps to minimize confusion a propos client management, tasks, as well as marketing and sales for businesses, virtual life has taken Read more »

Among its many features, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 allows for the customization of email experience through the Exchange Web Services (EWS) application-programming interface. Read more »

In a day and age where it’s hip to be square, tech nerds are having the last laugh. We Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as routinely and automatically as waking up in the morning and going to the bathroom, but do you ever wonder who the actual masterminds behind these groundbreaking sites are? Here’s a tribute to some of technologies most fascinating and famous nerds. Read more »

This is the first blog of a series describing how to enhance Outlook’s efficiency based on macro usage. Please note that it is not intended to be a coding tutorial, but rather a way to inspire you to develop your own macro to help you be more productive. Read more »

Hollywood has a thorn in its side and it’s only getting deeper. The Internet is fundamentally changing the film industry as we know it. People are watching movies and TV shows for free online; the Internet is eating into TV watching more and more each year; Web series’ are in increasing demand and challenging traditional television networks; and what’s more, regular folks are creating their own web videos and broadcasting themselves on sites like YouTube. Read more »

In the software-as-a-service field of business, the competition is fierce and everyone offers very similar products. This is why when determining if SaaS is the right alternative for you, it is crucial to look beyond the tag price. Here are five qualities you should look for in a SaaS provider: Read more »